DVD on Climate Change


Email cca@ccappal.org with the subject line “Climate Change DVD.”  Include your mailing address and the number of copies you would like to order.
(Includes DVD, study guide & postage and handling)

Donations are greatly appreciated.



Dear Friend in Christ:

We of the Catholic Committee of Appalachia are pleased to send you a complimentary copy of “Climate Chage: Our Faith Response.”  With the accompanying study guide, this ten minute DVD offers you a timely religious education program to help teach the church’s social principle of care of creation.

You can order additional copies of “Climate Change: Our Faith Response” from CCA with donations appreciated.  For more information contact:  CCA, 81 Puddle Run, Spencer, WV, 304-927-5798  Email: cca@ccappal.org

I pray we can collaborate in prophetically raising our voices to speak for creation and for the poor and vulnerable who will suffer the most from climate change.

Your brother in Christ,

Fr. John Rausch, Glenmary
Catholic Committee of Appalachia


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