What’s a Pastoral?

A typical Pastoral Letter is an open letter addressed by a Bishop to Catholic clergy, laity and all people of good will.  Pastorals generally contain instruction, consolation, or directions for behavior in particular circumstances.

The PEOPLE’S PASTORAL is  an open, ongoing dialogue starting in Appalachia and including its people, Earth, the church and all people of good will. Scripture says, “The Lord hears the cry of the poor,” -but, can WE?  Therefore, the People’s Pastoral is a telling of the story of “the least among us” including Earth, our listening of that story, and the Church’s response to it.

The Document


3 Responses to What’s a Pastoral?

  1. Susan Chitwood says:

    I would like to receive a pdf copy of the document, please. Thank you

  2. Temple Guler says:

    I am interested in your work and would like to learn more. I live in Virginia.

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