Make it Public

As we gather up the cry of the poor, there are a multitude of ways you can help us give it Public Voice.  There is no limit to what your imagination can come up with. This page will list all the various ways and expressions people lift up the Voice in order to invite the church and world to respond to it.  Some examples could be: published poems, art work, exhibits, songs, dances, storytelling festivals, conferences, retreats, academic papers, educational programs, rituals, prayers, etc.

When you come up with YOUR way, email us and we’ll add it here...

1) Similar to a typical pastoral letter, Catholic Committee of Appalachia will be publishing a document called “The People’s Pastoral” you will be able to read and sign on with countless others.

2) Catherine Bush, the house playwright at Barter Theater in Abingdon, VA, will be writing and putting on a theater production.

3) CCA will be distributing a Dialogue Focuser which is a flyer that will a) highlight the main messages from the Pastoral b) invite the Church to respond. This flyer will be distributed to parishes in  26 Catholic Dioceses across Appalachia.


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