People’s Pastoral Discussion Guide Now Available

DiscussionGuideOur tradition of Appalachian pastoral letters is about far more than simply the promulgation of more church documents. We believe our three pastoral letters—”This Land is Home to Me” (1975), “At Home in the Web of Life” (1995), and “The Telling Takes Us Home” (2015)—are words that are alive, expressing the life of the Spirit in our region and urging us to prophetic action. To that end, we believe the pastorals should not only be read and reflected upon but discussed among the various communities where we find ourselves.

CCA’s People’s Pastoral Committee has been working to develop a variety of discussion resources for “The Telling Takes Us Home” for different types of groups. The first is a single page set of discussion questions to introduce and discuss major themes from the pastoral. Thank you to Elizabeth Nawrocki, Beth Collins, and Jessica Wrobleski for your work on early versions of this guide, and Wheeling Jesuit University’s Appalachian Institute for using an earlier draft in a summer discussion series as a “pilot” for this important resource.

Please let us know about your experience using this resource in your community. We anticipate further revisions as we receive feedback!

Download: Discussion Guide for “The Telling Takes Us Home: Taking Our Place in the Stories that Shape Us” (PDF)

More discussion resources for all of the Appalachian pastoral letters are forthcoming.

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