New Resource Page on Abuse Crisis in Appalachia

The Catholic Committee of Appalachia (CCA) published a statement on sex abuse in the Catholic Church following the death of SNAP founder Barbara Blaine. Part of that statement focused on sex abuse in the church in Appalachia.

Since then, the release of the Pennsylvania grand jury report has rocked the church not only on national and global scales, but on a regional one as well. The report is in many ways an expression of the Appalachian church that implicates a number of our bishops, both past and present. Finally, the resignation of West Virginia’s Bishop Michael Bransfield, and his subsequent investigation for allegations of sexual misconduct, compels CCA to further our efforts to protect the vulnerable in our region and to work for church reforms necessary to address the roots of the problem.

To that end, we have created this page as a resource for current news and analysis of the abuse crisis as it impacts Appalachia, focusing in part on the Bransfield/DWC investigation but looking beyond it to surrounding states. In the interest of transparency, we will also publish diocesan documents that are helpful for understanding any investigations taking place. If you know of a news item, opinion piece, or document that should be shared here, please email ccappalachia [at] gmail [dot] com. Any documents shared here will not be traceable to the individuals who share them with CCA.

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