NETWORK Lobby Praises People’s Pastoral


The Telling Takes Us Home: Taking Our Place in the Stories that Shape Us, CCA’s 2015 “People’s Pastoral,” is featured in the new issue of NETWORK Connection, the quarterly publication of NETWORK Lobby and Nuns on the Bus.

In particular, NETWORK highlights the “first step” of CCA’s pastoral letters: listening. It is this first step of listening to ordinary people that shapes NETWORK’s “Nuns on the Bus” tours. The article also makes mention of last year’s bus tour which included a stop in Wheeling, West Virginia, where the sisters met with House of Hagar Catholic Worker, Grow Ohio Valley, and the Wheeling Jesuit University community.

About the Pastoral, NETWORK says:

In writing the People’s Pastoral, the CCA heard stories from residents of mountain communities, working people, people who are homeless, women, youth, people of color, native people, women religious, LGBTQ people, activists, people who have left the church, and more. While the People’s Pastoral is a prophetic call toward greater justice, peace, and wholeness for Appalachia, it is also a model for our country to listen and learn from one another and envision our future together.

Read the entire article here (PDF).

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