Articles on the People’s Pastoral

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Kaya Oakes, “Forward Movement: A New Generation of Catholic Activists is Beginning to Find its Voice,” U.S. Catholic (March 2019).

Elias Crim, “‘God’s Garden is in Danger’ (Review of Magisterium of the People),” Solidarity Hall (February 21, 2019), available at

Christopher White, “Documentary chronicles the 40-year Catholic push for Appalachia,” Crux (December 29, 2018), available at

Michael McKinley, “New documentary chronicles a grass roots Catholic ‘magisterium,’” Religion News Service (December 24, 2018), available at

Michael Sean Winters, “People’s Pastoral from Appalachia is subject of new documentary,” National Catholic Reporter Online (December 21, 2018), available at

Michael Iafrate, “The Audacity of the Laity and the Option for the Poor in the Appalachian People’s Pastoral Letter,” at Lay Movements as Structures of Grace Conference in Cincinnati, OH (July 6-8, 2018), available here.

Michael Iafrate, “Taking Our Place in the New Appalachian Story,” at the Ignatian Family Teach-in for Justice in Washington, DC (Nov. 4, 2017), available here.

Gilson Waldkoenig, “Review of The Telling Takes Us Home: Taking Our Place in the Stories that Shape Us; A People’s Pastoral from the Catholic Committee of Appalachia,” Journal of Appalachian Studies 23, No. 1 (2017), 132-33, available here (PDF).

Jason King, “‘Hillbillies’ Want Action Not Elegies: Laudato Si’ and Northern Appalachia,” Catholic Moral Theology (May 4, 2017), available at

Jessica Wrobleski, “At Home in Northern Appalachia: Laudato Si’ and the Catholic Committee of Appalachia,” Journal of Moral Theology 6, Special Issue on Laudato Si’ and Northern Appalachia, volume available here (PDF).

Anne Clifford, “The Significance of Pope Francis’s Prophetic Call: ‘Care for Our Common Home’ for Northern Appalachia,” Journal of Moral Theology 6, Special Issue on Laudato Si’ and Northern Appalachia, volume available here (PDF).

Bishop John Stowe, “Laudato Si and Pastoral Theology in Appalachia,” lecture presented at St. Louis University (February 13, 2017), event page here.

Michael Iafrate, “Dark as a Dungeon, or Hope in the Dark? Catholicism and Coal in Appalachia,” lecture presented at DePaul University (Jan. 26, 2017), video available here.

NETWORK Lobby, “Appalachia Demonstrates a Path of Dialogue and Hope,” NETWORK Lobby (Summer 2016), available here (PDF).

Barry Hudock, “Appalachian Spring: In Coalfield Communities, a Grassroots ‘People’s Pastoral’ Takes Catholic Tradition in a New Direction,” Sojourners Magazine (July 2016), available at (PDF of entire article here).

Father John Rausch, “A Vision for the Future of Appalachia,” Glenmary Challenge (Summer 2016), available at

Allegheny Front, “Catholic Pastoral Letter Shares Stories of Hope and Struggle in West Virginia”(February 12, 2016), available at

Michael Barrick, “Putting Liberation Theology to Practice in Appalachia,” Appalachian Chronicle (Jan. 24, 2016), available at

Glynis Board, “Grassroots Pastoral Letter from Appalachian Catholics Calls for the Telling of New Stories,” West Virginia Public Radio (Jan. 15, 2016), available at

Sharon Abercrombie, “Suffering, Hope of Appalachia Shared in New Pastoral Letter from its People,” National Catholic Reporter (Jan. 12, 2016), available at

Jessica Wrobleski, “Think Globally, Act Locally: Laudato Si’ in Appalachia,” paper presented at Society of Christian Ethics Annual Meeting, Toronto (Jan. 8, 2016).

Michael Barrick, “Catholic Committee of Appalachia Issues ‘People’s Pastoral,’” Appalachian Chronicle (Dec. 30, 2015), available at

“People’s Pastoral: Our Stories Take Us Home,” Hoots and Hollers, the OVEC blog (Dec. 27, 2015), available at

“Catholic Committee of Appalachia Issues ‘People’s Pastoral,’” Iglesia Descalza blog (Dec. 25, 2015), available at

William Lindsay, “Catholic Committee of Appalachia Releases People’s Pastoral Including LGBT Voices: ‘Churches That Condemn Same-Sex Relationships End Up Attacking the Very Personhood of Gay and Lesbian People,’” Bilgrimage blog (Dec. 22, 2015), available at

Keith Michael Estrada, “Just Released: Appalachian Pastoral Elevates Dignity through Memory,” Proper Nomenclature blog, (Dec. 22, 2015), available at

Dennis Sadowski, “‘People’s Pastoral’ Shares Struggles, Hopes, Dreams of Appalachians,” Catholic News Service (Dec. 22, 2015), available at (Appeared in several diocescan newspapers and other websites)

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