Happy 2nd Birthday to the People’s Pastoral!

Happy birthday to The Telling Takes Us Home which was published two years ago today! 2017 has been a year packed with continued conversations about the pastoral, and we are looking forward to sharing the document and its message in new ways in 2018.

As we mark this anniversary, we would like to remind you about our recently produced video about the pastoral, and we are also happy to announce that an abridged newspaper edition of the pastoral will be available just after Christmas. Both the video and the abridged version are perfect for use with students, parish discussion groups, activist groups, etc. Please inquire about bulk rates. Please let us know how we can help your community discuss the pastoral and work to put it into action!

The cover of the forthcoming abridged newsprint version of The Telling Takes Us Home.

We also look forward to the summer 2018 release of the Salt + Light Media documentary The Francis Impact which celebrates the five year anniversary of the election of Pope Francis by taking a look at grassroots movements and individuals who have been inspired by his papacy. The documentary will feature stories from Appalachia, including the story CCA and the People’s Pastoral. For information about the documentary, and some behind the scenes photos of the film crew’s time in West Virginia and Kentucky, click here.

The best way to celebrate the pastoral is to introduce someone you know to the document, and to CCA, today! You might also point them to this collection of endorsements to see the exciting things people have been saying about the pastoral, or invite them to check out some of the coverage the document has received.

CCA wishes all of our members, collaborators, allies, and supporters a blessed Christmas and a joyful new year.

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