Submit a Resolution

The following CCA Policy on Resolutions is printed  for the benefit of the membership who desire to submit a resolution to the Annual Meeting:

  1. Definition: A resolution is a statement by the Catholic Committee of Appalachia membership expressing a position on an issue.  It should include a means of implementation, detailing the accountability of the membership and the particular responsibilities of designated individuals.
  2. Procedure: Resolutions are submitted in writing to the Administrative Director by June 1st of each year.  Any resolution will be circulated to the membership prior to the Annual Meeting.  Time is given at the Annual Meeting for clarification and discussion of the resolutions by the members present.  The persons who proposed the resolution need not be present at the Annual Meeting; however,would be in t best interests of the resolutions if there were someone present at the meeting to speak on behalf of the specific resolution.  Members unable to attend the Annual Meeting will have the opportunity to send their clarifications and objections to the Administrative Director prior to the annual meeting so that their comments can be shared at the meeting.
  3. Voting: Voting on resolutions and any amendments takes place at the final portion of the business meeting and a simple majority of voting members present suffices for passage.  Clarification and objections (but not discussion) are entertained for 10 minutes, renewable for another 10 after which the resolution is voted on, amended, or tabled.

Send in your resolution now.

PROPOSED RESOLUTION FOR CCA ANNUAL MEETING Email your proposal to CCA’s office at by June 1st.

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