Award Nominations

Bishop Sullivan presents the award named in his honor to Sr. Mary Dennis Lentsch at the 40th Anniversary Annual Meeting in 2010

Each year at our Annual Gathering, CCA awards at least one person and one group for their tireless works on issues of justice in Appalachia.  Nominate someone you think deserves it today!  Email your Nomination Application by August 1st each year.  See form below.

Bishop Sullivan Peace & Justice Award

Nominate any person who meets the following criteria:

  1. At least 10 years experience in Peace and Justice-type work in Appalachia, e.g., housing minorities, community organizing, prisons, environment, worker’s rights, women’s empowerment, health issues, education, living wage, dismantling racism, death penalty moratorium, etc.
  2. The nominee is to be a person who is supportive of the Appalachian pastoral messages: This Land is Home to Me and At Home in the Web of Life.
  3. The nominee is to be a compassionate person.


Catherine Rumschlag, co-founder of FOCIS, presents the award to representatives of Glenmary Home Missioners in 2010

Nominate any group or organization that meets the following criteria:

  1. An exemplary expression of Catholic social teaching.
  2. Actions which make the Gospel concrete in Appalachia.
  3. Ministering to people where they are.
  4. A tradition of service.
  5. An appreciation of Appalachia.

**Awards are presented at each Annual Meeting, Saturday evening following dinner.

AWARD NOMINATION APPLICATION FORM – email the following information to CCA’s office at by June 1st.

1) Your name
2) Your phone
3) Your email
4) Nominee for Bishop Sullivan Award
5) Nominee for FOCIS Award
6) Write a paragraph on how your nominee meets the above criteria for the Bishop Sullivan Peace & Justice Award and/or the FOCIS Award.  Be specific about the organizations, groups, activities or events with which your nominees have been involved.


2000 Bishop Sullivan

2001 Sr. Beth Davies

2002 Fr. Les Schmidt

2003 Sr. Gretchen Shaffer

2004 Mike Vincent

2005 Fr. Rademacher

2006 John Barry

2007 Mary Herr

2008 Sr. Brendan Conlon

2009 Marie Cirillo

2010 Srs Terri & Mary

2011 Kathy Hutson

2012 Fr. Jim O’Brien

2013 Maureen Linneman

2014 Marcus & Glenda Keyes

2015 Sr. Patricia Taube

2015 Sr. Patricia Taube

2015 Arnie & Kathy Simonse

2015 Arnie & Kathy Simonse

2016 Frs Al Fritsch & John Rausch

2017 Connie Mitchell

2018 Sr. Bernie Kenny


2008 Federation of Communities in Service

2009 Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowerment

2010 Glenmary Home Missioners (order of priests)

2011 Alderson Hospitality House

2012 Christian Appalachian Project

2013 David Appalachian Arts & Crafts

2014 Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance (OREPA)

2015 Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC)

2016 Mountain Association for Community Economic Development

2017 Creation Care Alliance of Western North Carolina

2018 Appalachian African American Cultural Center

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