CCA’s North Carolina Chapter Releases Statement on Clericalism

The North Carolina Chapter of the Catholic Committee of Appalachia (CCA) has issued a statement of concern regarding the adequacy of local church leadership. Titled “Statement of Concern on Clericalism from Appalachian Catholics in the Smoky Mountain Region,” the statement identifies clericalism, the overemphasis of the power of the priesthood and hierarchy, as a pervasive problem in the region and in the Roman Catholic Church as a whole. The Chapter, along with the CCA central office in Spencer, West Virginia, made the statement available to media earlier this month.

The statement is based on negative experiences of lay Catholics in the region in their interactions with parish priests, including inadequate pastoral care of the dying and demeaning attitudes toward Catholics from diverse local cultures. The Chapter opted to share these concerns with the media after more than two years of attempts to address the issues with the bishop of the Charlotte Diocese, who the chapter says has been unwilling to meet with the people.

The Chapter statement calls on the region’s bishops to acknowledge these problems and engage in dialogue with the people to work toward creative solutions, and offers prayers for a “change of hearts, minds, and pastoral practice,” that the region’s priests and bishops “would imitate more strongly the example of Jesus who came not to be served but to serve.”

CCA-NC’s statement can be read in its entirety here. A recent article in National Catholic Reporter focuses on this issue in North Carolina and features the CCA-NC statement.

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  1. Your modernist rebellion against holy priests is disgusting and downright Satanic.

    If you want to be Episcopalians, be Episcopalians. Stop committing fraud by claiming to be Catholic and rejecting the actual teachings of Vatican II (where does Sacrosanctam Concilium say anything about hippie music? It specifically promotes Gregorian chant).

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