CCA Releases Statement on Reversal of Stream Protection Rule

The Catholic Committee of Appalachia has released a statement opposing Congress’ recent reversal of the Stream Protection Rule which¬†would have offered greater protections to waterways in proximity to surface mine sites and would have encouraged more adequate reclamation of mined land. The entire statement, which was approved by the CCA Board of Directors, can be read here.

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  1. I attended a presentation, 11/17/16, conducted by Michael Iafrate, Michael Ireland & Jeannie Kirkhope of CCA. The presentation was to Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action (MOVCA) in Parkersburg WV. They did an Awesome job. MOVCA is involved with public education in our region on the subject of Climate. We also conduct a survey of awareness and beliefs pertaining to climate. One of our population segments is the “faith-based” segment, from conducting our survey with churches in our area. It is a particularly “tough” audience, in their relationship to climate science. We have a “faith-based” work group hoping to address this. We’ve worked to develop education materials which we can take to churches, targeted to that audience. The slide presentation used by CCA at the 11/17/16 meeting was PARTICULARLY well done. We’d like to get a copy of the presentation, if CCA is willing. There is likely nothing proprietary in the presentation; however, the message and assembly of slides gave a powerful message. We’d like to use your presentation as a model for ours. A copy, or contact info to Michael, Michael & Jeannie would be appreciated.

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