Advisory Board, Support Team, Collaborators


Our working Board of Directors and Co-Coordinators seek input and guidance from an Advisory Board comprised of founding members, long-time members, former staff and/or board members, and friends who maintain deep involvement, offer strong networks with outside groups, and give valuable insights.

Bishop John Stowe (Episcopal Adviser)
Sister Beth Davies
Sister Jackie Hanrahan
Fr. Les Schmidt
Fr. John Rausch
Rob Weise
Molly Linehan
Arnie Simonse
Eric Fitts
Fr. Andy Switzer
Marie Cirillo
Mary Herr
Meg Olsen
Carol Warren
Francis DeBernardo


The Board and Co-Coordinators receive invaluable practical assistance, morale/spiritual support, funding, and advice from a Support Team of active members and supporters.

Catherine Rumschlag
Kathy Hutson
Sister Eileen Schepers
Fr. Al Fritsch
Jerry Hardt
Dave Harl
Peggy Gabriel
Sharon Colton
Bob Hampton
Marcus Keyes
Glenda Keyes
Sister Mary Dennis Lentsch
Brother Joe Steen
Bob Maher
Greg Kremer
Matt Sherman
Dennis Sadowski
Sharon Abercrombie
Jeri Whitely
Michael Barrick
Connie Mitchell
Maureen Linneman
Brian DeRouen
Jessica Wrobleski
Moira Reilly
Rich Stonestreet
Angie Iafrate
Kathy Simonse
Monica Shieber
Kate Marshall
Michael Vincent
Adam Brown
Robert Choiniere
Alyssa Pasternak-Post
Sister Ann Quinn


CCA works with a growing list of regional collaborators on a variety of projects and initiatives.

Catholic Charities West Virginia
Vivian Stockman, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition
Jeff Allen, West Virginia Council of Churches
Frank Hare, Coalition of Appalachian Ministry
Allen Johnson, Christians for the Mountains
Tom Breiding, Clifford J. Lewis Appalachian Institute at Wheeling University
Parish of St. Eugene, Asheville, NC
Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance

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